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​ 写真を撮ることは、被写体(自分とは違う他者)との関係性を問うこと。だから、その場を共有することを大切にしたい。傍らに寄り添いながら伴走者のように記録していきたいと思っている。




Taking photos means to me questioning the relationship with subjects (other people who are different from me). So I like to cherish sharing the time and place with them. I like to make records by taking photos as a running mate standing close to them.


I am very interested in the many layers of people’s lives (human’s history) which are behind the scene in front of me. It is more important to press the shutter following a flutter of my heart when I face subjects rather than trying to make ‘An Expected Good Picture’ based on a historical fact.


I am particular about taking photos of any moment of hope coming from any severe or cruel reality. It is very hard to do it, but if my photos draw people’s attention and make them realise, even softly but firmly, that there are important social issues which they mustn’t just close their eyes to and walk away from, without causing any difficulty for them to watch, that is my ideal photo.


In the Ainu world view, if a small child spilt some water, they say “Don’t worry; there is someone (Kamuy) who wanted to drink that water, so it’s ok”. I would love to continue taking photos of lifetime moments, having such a broad-minded and fresh sensitivity as the Ainu.

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